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aluminum base alloys

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aluminum base alloy refers to adding microelement in aluminum in order to produce fabricated aluminum products with certain physical and chemical properties through extrusion and casting. the products are widely applied in industries like aeronautics and aerospace, power and electrics, construction, decoration, food package, automobile, ship machinery etc. chalco is able to produce a variety of aluminum base alloy products including stab, wrought aluminum alloy (bar), casting aluminum alloy, electrical aluminum pole and high purity ingot.

name, number, application fields and producing enterprises of aluminum base alloys

namenumberapplication fieldproducing enterprisespictures
stabproducts of various specifications from 1series to 8 series covering 1050/1060/30104/5052/5083
home appliance, automobile, train, aeronautics and aerospace, electronics, packaging, printing, construction decoration etc.chalco qinghai branch, chalco guizhou branch, chalco liancheng branch, chalco lanzhou branch, baotou aluminum
wrought aluminum alloy (bar) 
products of various specifications from 1series to 7 series covering 1050/6061/6063decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, aeronautics and aerospaceshanxi huaze aluminum, shandong huayu aluminum, chalco guizhou branch, baotou aluminum, chalco liancheng branch
casting and rolling stripproducts of cold and hot mill covering 1050/3102/5052/8011 and ranging from 1, 3, 5 to 8 seriespackaging, electronics, decoration, printing, machinery etc.chalco qinghai branch, shanxi huasheng aluminum
electrical aluminum polea4/a6/a8, rare earth alloy aluminum pole, 1100/3003/3102/4003/5052 and other alloy aluminum poleheat exchangers, condenser wires and welding materials used in industries like
wires, cables, fridge, air-conditioning and automobiles.
baotou aluminum, chalco guizhou branch
high purity aluminum3n/3n5/4n/4n2/4n6/5n etc.electronics, electrotechnics, national defense, aeronautics, aerospace, construction, light industry, low temperature electrotechnics, low temperature electromagnetic components, electrolytic condenser’s leads and spraying material etc.baotou aluminum, chalco guizhou branch
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